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Dr. Stacy Godes, Holistic & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Godes (pronounced “Goddess”) didn’t start practicing holistic dentistry at the beginning of her career, but her experiences with traditional dentistry motivated her to find a better way to meet patients’ dental needs, while also focusing on the whole person.

She already had a deep passion for health, fitness and nutrition, and now she combines the art and science of dentistry into a tool for healing as she works to promote the health and wellness for each of her patients.

In essence, holistic dentistry has allowed Dr. Godes to blend personal lifestyle with professional ideals. More importantly, it makes it possible for you get a beautiful, healthier mouth in a safe and effective way.

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Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Godes offers a range of holistic dental solutions, including: ozone therapy, safe mercury removal, nutritional counseling, and biocompatibility testing. These techniques and services allow us to treat the entire person and focus on your complete health.

The body is a connected system, and the way you treat your mouth can have a serious impact on your overall health. Dr. Godes uses only the highest-quality biocompatible materials so your dental solutions are long-lasting and good for your entire body.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

We provide a range of services that can accentuate your smile or restore damage that has been done through trauma or decay.

All the services we offer, from bridges and crowns to Invisalign and teeth whitening, adhere to our commitment to biocompatible and holistic materials and solutions.

Contact us today to set up your appointment or to learn more about holistic dentistry and our complete range of services.

3D Printing

Moonray 3D Printing for Dental Solana Beach

The latest in 3D printing technology has created a lot of great new opportunities in the dental industry. Now, we can scan your mouth and start printing out a range of dental appliances for you.

We have recently added the MoonRay Desktop 3D Printer to our arsenal of high-tech dental tools, and we can use to print out:

  • Night guards
  • Dental models
  • Denture bases
  • Surgical guides
  • Clear aligners
  • Crowns and bridges

This perfectly complements our CEREC machine that we use to mill various dental restorations, and it broadens our range of capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for restorative or cosmetic solutions, these tools help us create a faster and more comfortable experience for our patients.

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“My husband and I both cannot imagine going to another dentist than Dr. Stacy Godes. She is truly extraordinary. We live in the Bay Area, and though there are a plethora of medical professionals (including holistic professionals) in the SF Bay, we are so happy with the experiences that we have had with Dr. Godes that we cannot imagine going to someone else. It goes without saying that she is a fantastic dentist. Couple that with her holistic knowledge, integrity, and intuition (how often do you compliment a dentist's intuition??) and it's obvious what a true gem she is. Not only have we experienced the standard dental appointments (cleaning, Xrays, etc), but I have had her remove and replace my amalgam fillings and some old crowns. I also had her extract a root canal. I felt significantly better RIGHT AWAY after each of these procedures and I 100% believe that Dr. Godes is so skilled that they could not have gone better with anyone else. You could not be in better, safer, more knowledgeable, or more competent hands. She is very knowledgeable about diet/nutrition and other aspects of health as well--a truly holistic doctor.”

Written by: Lauren S. - Half Moon Bay, CA