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A Closer Look at Alternative Toothpaste

When searching for the perfect pearly-white and healthy teeth cleaning toothpaste, most people stick with the go-to, over-the-counter, everyday brands that we all know and assume are best for us. But are they really? Many of the beloved store-bought tubes of toothpaste contain sodium fluoride and ingesting even small amounts can cause nausea, headaches, and even vomiting.

So what is a healthy, holistic alternative to help you avoid the harmful chemicals in certain products?

Coconuts. Don’t be fooled, this delicious fruit is not just for making the tasty shreddings on the top of a birthday cake or that fancy island drink, coconut oil has biocidal properties that fight against bacteria and tooth decay. Saliva breaks down fatty coconut oil with enzymes and turns it into a specific acid that is toxic to bacteria including Streptococcus mutans, which are common inhabitants of your mouth.

Here are five very effective reasons to switch from traditional toothpaste to coconut oil:

1 – 100% natural = no harmful chemicals.

Conventional toothpaste often contains an antibacterial chemical called triclosan, which has been linked to a handful of harmful diseases, including ovarian, breast, prostate, and testicular cancer. Fluoride is another poisonous chemical found in many over-the-counter products and can be harmful to your body even in trace amounts.

2 – Coconut oil does not contain foaming agents.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, or sodium laureth are the chemicals responsible for creating the foaming action in many toothpastes. These are the cause of the break up the phospholipids on your tongue and can be damaging to your tastebuds.

3 – This teeth cleaning alternative is inexpensive.

A jar of coconut oil will set your wallet back around $8.00 and can easily last you a month. You only need a very small amount to keep your teeth clean.

4 – Keeps your furry friends’ mouths happy and healthy too.

Using conventional or “human” toothpaste on your sweet Golden Retriever will be a challenge, and the unsafe chemicals that are found in them will have negative effects on your pets too. Just by letting your pets lick even a small amount can be very beneficial to their dental health.

5 – You can use it as an oil pulling mouthwash as well.

‘Rinsing’ your mouth with coconut oil can draw out cavity-causing bacteria. Much like mouthwash, although without the gargling, the oil is worked within the mouth by pushing and pulling through the teeth. Ten to fifteen minutes is recommended, but even five minutes of this teeth-cleaning routine can draw out the destructive bacteria in your mouth.

Switch from the usual, ever-so-popular, and possibly damaging toothpastes out there to coconut oil and improve your oral health. Fight malicious bacteria with the coconut oil alternative and keep your mouth happy and healthy.

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“My husband and I both cannot imagine going to another dentist than Dr. Stacy Godes. She is truly extraordinary. We live in the Bay Area, and though there are a plethora of medical professionals (including holistic professionals) in the SF Bay, we are so happy with the experiences that we have had with Dr. Godes that we cannot imagine going to someone else. It goes without saying that she is a fantastic dentist. Couple that with her holistic knowledge, integrity, and intuition (how often do you compliment a dentist's intuition??) and it's obvious what a true gem she is. Not only have we experienced the standard dental appointments (cleaning, Xrays, etc), but I have had her remove and replace my amalgam fillings and some old crowns. I also had her extract a root canal. I felt significantly better RIGHT AWAY after each of these procedures and I 100% believe that Dr. Godes is so skilled that they could not have gone better with anyone else. You could not be in better, safer, more knowledgeable, or more competent hands. She is very knowledgeable about diet/nutrition and other aspects of health as well--a truly holistic doctor.”

Written by: Lauren S. - Half Moon Bay, CA