Anterior Cerec Aesthetics

At our office we are serious about creating beautiful smiles by taking continuing education in mastering  dental aesthetics for our patients . We strive  to master our skills with our state-of-the-art CEREC machine so that we can design and create natural looking smiles in-house. We are working hard to take aesthetic dentistry to a new level. We recently had the pleasure of visiting the office of Dr. James Klim in Santa Rosa to educate, learn, create and raise our aesthetic clinical skills. We came back with so much enthusiasm and are ready to create more beautiful smiles!

Dr. Stacy Godes



Celebrating the 2 Years of Providing Holistic Dentistry in Solana Beach!

I couldn’t be more proud of my fantastic team. We work every day to better the lives, and oral hygiene of those who walk into our office. There always smiles floating around our office.  To celebrate our two year work anniversary, we went out and had an excellent dinner. I couldn’t be more grateful to work with amazing people every day. Thank you to my incredible office and all those involved in making my dream come true. What an fun night!

Another Great Day Volunteering With Fresh Start Surgical Gifts!

Last week we had another opportunity to work with the kids from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts! This charity organizes surgical treatments, and routine cleanings for disadvantaged infants, children and teens who can’t afford the care they need.  Our office helped with dental cleanings, and routine dental care. Our office was full of smiling faces and clean teeth! We can’t wait for our next Volunteering day with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts!
If you would like to support this amazing organization, you can find more info on their website here: They are always looking for more volunteers and accept donations large and small. You can help transform a child’s life today!

Our Vegas Trip to the Next Level Practice Dental Training

Recently, our office took a trip to Las Vegas. We had a great time in “Sin City”, but we also strengthened our team! We learned ways to work better and run the office more efficiently.

Our team attended the Next Level Practice Live Your Dream Experience event hosted by dental business coach and consultant, Gary Kadi. Mr. Kadi is also my mentor and is full of knowledge on how to strengthen dental teams so both employees and patients are happier and the dental office is more efficiently run.

It was a great opportunity to attend the annual meeting. The keynote speakers discussed how our office can become a “next level practice” by IMG_0320providing better service as a team.

There were around 300 people in attendance at the meeting, including staffs from all kinds of dental practices across the U.S.
For the trip, we had team themed shirts we all wore with “All Natural Godes” on them. We soaked in a lot of great information and advice that we have since implemented since our return.

This team building event was more than worth it. By working better together and using resources out there to make the office more comfortable for patients, provide better and quicker service to patients and have a more knowledgeable, patient-centered staff, our office will be able to serve patients even better.

Come and check out our office for yourself by scheduling an appointment with us today!

The Mouth-Body Connection: Your Teeth & Your Health with Hay House Radio

A few days ago, I was honored to have been interviewed on the air by Heather Dane who has a talk show on holistic lifestyles and how we can better take care of our health naturally.

Heather has been treated in my office for mercury filling removals and I truly admire her passion for educating others about the benefits of holistic living.

You can listen to the broadcast here.


The Mercury Controversy and Why It is Bad for Your Health

Our discussion on the show started with the controversy of the use of mercury fillings. Mercury fillings have been used since the 1800s. They served a purpose back then, but are dangerous to use now. Mercury is a neurotoxin, affecting your brain, organs and health. Mercury fillings are made of 50% mercury.

What most people don’t know is that the greatest danger of mercury is the vapor it releases. This vapor is highly dangerous when inhaled. The risk of mercury makes it removal tricky and dangerous. When you want your mercury fillings removed, be sure to find a dentist who is certified in the safe removal of mercury fillings and has a certain, safe set of protocols.  These protocols include the use of HEPA filters, mouth guards, cold water spray, rubber dams, essential oils and proper protective gear over clothing.

It is important that the mercury removal is safe for the patient as well as the rest of the office. This is where a good air filtration system comes in useful. When mercury fillings are removed, a large amount of vapor goes into the air. An unhealthy amount of mercury also gets released into the mouth.

The Danger of Fluoride

Next, our conversation went to discussing the use of fluoride in tap water. I caution my patients to avoid drinking tap water because of the fluoride that is in it. Fluoride was first used in the tap water in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the belief that the added fluoride would prevent tooth decay.

Since then, it has been found that fluoride is a cumulative toxin, with increasingly negative side effects when combined with other chemicals. In some instances, fluoride is worse for your body than arsenic.

It isn’t fluoride that prevents tooth decay, but one’s diet. Therefore, by drinking tap water, you’re consuming unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Instead of drinking tap water, some of the water filtration systems such as Berkey Filters, and MultiPure Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis and Carbon System. When filtering your water, you also take away healthy minerals, so it’s important to add extra minerals into your filtered water.

Fluoride is also a common ingredient in toothpaste. I don’t use any fluoride toothpaste in my dental office. I personally recommend Holistic Dental Herbal Gum & Tooth Powder, Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste, Jason Sea Fresh, and Perio-Paste. When looking for a toothpaste avoid ones that also have SLS, glycerin, artificial flavors, chemicals and coloring.

The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

I brought up the Meridian chart that I talk about regularly and which I have in my dental office. The Meridian chart shows the connection of your oral health to the health of the rest of your body. Each tooth and area of the mouth is connected to specific organs of the body.

I also brought up the Chinese concept of Chi which describes different energy pathways that are in the body. It was found that 80% of chi (or energy) disturbances affecting the body occur in the oral cavity.

Realizing the interconnectedness of my patients’ oral health and overall health, I pay extra close attention to each patient’s condition and often catch dental issues that would otherwise go unnoticed at a conventional dental office. When patients go in for a teeth cleaning at a holistic dentist, they also get an in-depth examination.

The Difference of a Holistic Dentist

Heather Dane then picked up on the importance of caring for yourself and that only you you’re your body. Holistic dentists will work with you and will listen to what you say.

She elaborated her point by describing her own, personal experience at my office. She needed four mercury fillings removed. Instead of Novocain, I use septacane, lycodine and carbocane for pain reducers. She, however, had a bad reaction to septacain. We had her take a muscle test and decided that carbocane would be better. This worked because her body was overly sensitive to epinephrine.

It was summed up that holistic dentist care for the whole patient, every patient. Heather illustrated the point that each patient is different and should be treated as such.

If you want a dentist who is concerned about your dental and overall health, be sure to check into holistic dentistry. For any questions, you may have, don’t hesitate to contact me.

A Great Day Volunteering our Time with Fresh Start!

We had an amazing day at the office supporting the kids from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. This amazing charity organizes surgical treatments, and routine cleanings for disadvantaged infants, children and teens who can’t afford the dental care they need. Not only do they  help with patients who need help due to physical deformities caused at birth, but also from accidents, abuse, or disease. Today we helped with cleanings, and routine dental care. We are so excited to participate in this incredible opportunity.

I would like to send a big Thank you Celene Nigro, and Shari Brasher, and many others. We love your charity! Couldn’t be more grateful!