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Ozone Therapy

DSC_0262Ozone therapy is a leading treatment used in our office to treat and prevent oral infection in a natural way.

Infective bacteria and microorganisms are unable to defend themselves against the oxidative burst that is generated when ozone therapy is introduced into the living system. Therefore when we use this form of therapy, the organisms get stressed and die, allowing ozone to be used to disinfect treated areas safely and efficiently. As an added bonus, the effect of the burst also improves blood flow, increase your immune responses, and encourages healing to happen at a faster rate.

Ozone therapy is used for treating periodontal disease, as well as tooth whitening, and minimizing sensitivity in the teeth. It can also be used to improve the healing process of cavitations or abscesses. Children can particularly benefit from this form of treatment, as it does not involve much, if any drilling.

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“My husband and I both cannot imagine going to another dentist than Dr. Stacy Godes. She is truly extraordinary. We live in the Bay Area, and though there are a plethora of medical professionals (including holistic professionals) in the SF Bay, we are so happy with the experiences that we have had with Dr. Godes that we cannot imagine going to someone else. It goes without saying that she is a fantastic dentist. Couple that with her holistic knowledge, integrity, and intuition (how often do you compliment a dentist's intuition??) and it's obvious what a true gem she is. Not only have we experienced the standard dental appointments (cleaning, Xrays, etc), but I have had her remove and replace my amalgam fillings and some old crowns. I also had her extract a root canal. I felt significantly better RIGHT AWAY after each of these procedures and I 100% believe that Dr. Godes is so skilled that they could not have gone better with anyone else. You could not be in better, safer, more knowledgeable, or more competent hands. She is very knowledgeable about diet/nutrition and other aspects of health as well--a truly holistic doctor.”

Written by: Lauren S. - Half Moon Bay, CA