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How Your Silver Fillings May be Poisoning You and the Environment

A vector illustration of mercury with chemical symbol Hg

What is the danger of mercury?

The mercury found in silver filling is a neurotoxin, which makes it hard to believe that anyone would find it acceptable to have it placed only inches away from the brain. Those who are at a higher risk of these neurotoxins are children, fetuses of pregnant women, extremely sensitive individuals, and those who have kidney problems.

In 2010 the FDA made it so that dental offices were required to educate their patients about the risks that come along with amalgam fillings. Especially those who are more susceptible as mentioned above. Dr. Suresh Kotagal, a pediatric neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, summed it up nicely: “no place for mercury in children.” If it is harmful to the most resilient of our population, then it has no business being a part of anyone’s oral health.

Dr. Tom McGuire, one of the leading authorities on Mercury Amalgam Fillings, Mercury Poisoning, Mercury Detoxification, and Holistic Dental Wellness has some of the most in-depth websites that covers all of these subjects:

Dr. Tom McGuire also shares his knowledge with us in the video “Poison in Your Teeth,” where he demonstrates the release of mercury vapor from silver fillings.

Check it out:

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology also has an extremely informative video on the subject of mercury contained in amalgam fillings. This video takes a slightly different approach from Dr. Tom McGuire by using a Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzer, an instrument that is accepted by regulatory agencies.

Take a look:

Mercury not only affects your health, but also plays a big part on the environment. Amalgam accounts for 240-300 tons of mercury in the market each year. In the United States, dental offices are the second largest users of mercury. This tends to find its way into our environment though one path or another, causing pollution, such as:

  • Water pollution – caused by dental clinic releases and through human waste
  • Air pollution – caused by cremation and sludge incineration
  • Land pollution – caused by landfills, burials, and fertilizer

Once in the environment, dental mercury converts into methylmercury, this is a major source of mercury found in the fish that we eat. The only way to eliminate the damage that is being seen on the environment, fish population, and wildlife is to put an end to the use of mercury in dental practices and transitioning to safer alternatives all together.

mercury-removalOur office is proud to be mercury free and we want to make sure that our patients are educated on the dangers that come along with silver fillings. It’s never too late to make the switch by replacing existing amalgam with natural-tooth colored fillings. Because they bond to the tooth they are not only safer for your health, but are stronger, have a natural look, and can easily last a lifetime.

For more information on how our office can help you make the safest choice when it comes to holistic dental treatments, call us today and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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