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The Tooth/Body Connection

tooth organ

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese discovered that the human body was flowing with an energy they called Qi (pronounced “chi”). They also found ways to measure Qi and mapped out the network of pathways on which it flowed. These pathways are called meridians.

The flow of Qi is essential to good health. In a healthy body, it flows smoothly. If that flow is disturbed, disease may result. You can think of it like breathing, where air flows in and out smoothly when you’re healthy, but if that flow is disturbed, disease or death may follow.

The meridians connect particular organs together to create balance. Every yin organ is paired with a yang organ – liver with gall bladder, lungs with large intestine, kidney with bladder, stomach with spleen, heart with small intestine, and so on. The meridians likewise connect each tooth to specific organs.

The easiest way to see the meridians connecting the organs and teeth is to consider one tooth at a time. Looking at a meridian tooth chart, you can find the appropriate tooth and follow the blocks vertically, or you may locate an organ that will lead you to the corresponding tooth. As you look at the chart, you will notice that the maxillary molars and mandibular bicuspids cross the same meridians.

Every tooth has a meridian going to it. There are 12 meridians in total, and each of the 32 teeth are represented on them. The bicuspids share one meridian; the molars share another; the anterior (front) teeth, yet another. The maxillary bicuspids share with the mandibular molars, and the maxillary molars share with the mandibular bicuspids.

Remember: The meridians can be affected anywhere. A maxillary six year molar with a root canal could be the cause of a stomach problem, or the stomach problem could be affecting the six year molar. It is important to get an analysis from a qualified practitioner to confirm where the block is occurring.

Think of a meridian as a giant freeway making a circle around a city. There are several exit and entrance ramps. These ramps allow energy to flow from the meridian to the organ and from the organ back to the meridian.

I look at the meridian chart during my new patient exams to assist me in my diagnosis and treatment planning for patients coming into my office. It is often amazing to see the connection!

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“My husband and I both cannot imagine going to another dentist than Dr. Stacy Godes. She is truly extraordinary. We live in the Bay Area, and though there are a plethora of medical professionals (including holistic professionals) in the SF Bay, we are so happy with the experiences that we have had with Dr. Godes that we cannot imagine going to someone else. It goes without saying that she is a fantastic dentist. Couple that with her holistic knowledge, integrity, and intuition (how often do you compliment a dentist's intuition??) and it's obvious what a true gem she is. Not only have we experienced the standard dental appointments (cleaning, Xrays, etc), but I have had her remove and replace my amalgam fillings and some old crowns. I also had her extract a root canal. I felt significantly better RIGHT AWAY after each of these procedures and I 100% believe that Dr. Godes is so skilled that they could not have gone better with anyone else. You could not be in better, safer, more knowledgeable, or more competent hands. She is very knowledgeable about diet/nutrition and other aspects of health as well--a truly holistic doctor.”

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